Friday, November 5, 2010


Jennifer Khwela is one of the gymnasts on the meet trail this month.

Sad because the big gymnastics event of the year is over?

Well, never fear, it's not over by a long shot!  You think it is all going to end with Worlds, but do not despair, there are actually quite a lot of good competitions coming up in the gym world.

For starters, we have the  DTB Pokal in Stuttgart from November 12-14, which is going to feature a number of good strong athletes.  There will be gymnasts from China, Ukraine, Russia, Australia, GBR, France, Romania and, of course, Germany.

To see the full list of participants, head HERE

Later in the month we have the Massilia Cup in France, which has featured good athletes in both junior and senior levels. Some of the young Aussies are in France training currently, including Georgia Rose Brown, Georgia Simpson and Natalia Joura, Dasha's little sis.

The Glasgow Grand Prix happens in a couple of weeks and always gets a good showing of athletes.  This competition runs from  the 18-21 of November.  Here we will see many of the same athletes from Stuttgart on the campaign trail, including Lauren Mitchell, many of the Brits from World Championships as well as two of what is now Russia's old guard, Ana Myzdrikova and Ekaterina Kurbatova.

For a full list of competitors, see HERE

Then we have the Japan Toyota Cup, which should be good, as there is often good prize money in Japanese competitions, attracting many nations.  I am fairly sure Jennifer Pinches of GBR told me that the Brits will be there.

Then, to take us into Christmas, we have the Mikhail Voronin Cup in Moscow, Russia.  This usually attracts nearby nations (something to do with the cold, perhaps?) but often uses some of the younger more inexperienced Russians. making it an exciting meet.  Last year both Komova and Grishina competed.

See?  Plenty to look forward to.


  1. Oh definatly plenty to look forward to. Don't forget the Italian Grand Prix where Mustafina and Komova will compete.

  2. Where the heck are the Americans?? Grrr.