Thursday, November 11, 2010


In the last two or three years I have written 1081 posts here on this blogger account.  Eek.

In that time, you all have commented 3276 times.  So, you know, thanks for that!

But the time has come people.  The Couch Gymnast is moving.  Find it here at the very simple;

The entire archive is there for you to read, as well as some new bits and pieces very soon!
Also, just to let you know, that although doing The Couch Gymnasts Magazine has been bags and bags of fun, I have decided to no longer do it in a monthly format.  Frankly, although I get some wonderful help, it is too much work to put together.  Instead, the wonderful regular contributors will be joining me from time to time on the new site, so you will still get your fill of gymnastics stories, things like Amy's Gym Diary and the Romanian Update, the interviews and competition coverage.  But instead of getting a big swag of reading each month, you will instead receive it as it comes! The magazine will stay on its website so you can still read the back issues and some articles will slowly be moved over to the new site.

Anyway, thanks for everything, Blogger.  t'was grand!


  1. Ooooh, a proper URL! Does that cost a lot? I hope you get some advert support or something so you can start making some money off the blog cos you totally deserve it! Yours was the first gymnastics blog I ever found. I don't know how I came upon it but you opened me up to the wide world of gymnastics blogging/websites and have kept me up to date and entertained on almost a daily basis with your reports!

    I've gotten so much more in to gymnastics since I started reading your blog, so thank you for that! Can't wait to see the new site!

  2. Wowzers, you go, sister-girlfriend!

    Hope it finds you well. :)

  3. =) hey! i've thought you were gone away ;X
    Congrats !!

  4. Awesome! Congrats on the new site!

  5. My firewall is telling me the new site is suspicious, and to leave immediately!!!!

  6. Wow, gave me a scare... the Facebook post just shows "Important! The Couch gymnast at Blogger No Longer" and I thought for a minute that you're closing down... glad to see that is so not the case.

    Thanks for all the great work so far and looking forward to read you on your own website.

  7. Oh phew, I thought you were quitting the gig.

  8. Nice theme, thinking of doing the same with Full Twist just trying to find the right one. Delighted for you Brigid :)

  9. You scared me with the title but the reading the rest I feel better now. Congrats on moving on but make sure you have a very solid hosting company or you'll wish you were back here.

  10. Congratulations! I love your blog, one of my all time favorites, and when I read the beginning of this post I was afraid you were leaving forever! :(

    Can't wait for more on the new site!


  11. I had exactly the same reaction to everyone else... thought you were quitting there for a minute ... shows how much we love what you do :)

    New site is awesome!

  12. 1. I think if there is a way to package the content from others in more of a as you read, web style, that would be preferable to a magazine (easier to get into). Ya got a little niche of something cool, so please play with the format (for benefit of us readers!)

    2. I was worried that I had driven you to quit (like with Triple Full, Double Salto, and the C score), when I saw the headline and the page was loading (btw, something about the code in your pages leads to slower loads).

    3. If you put up forums...:)