Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I was just having lunch with a friend and was telling him how among our news team for the World Championships there was a dearth of people who were expert, or even significantly conversant with MAG gymnastics.  That, of course, meant that a couple of people were left to bear the weight of the MAG side of reporting.
My friend noted that he assumed men do men's gymnastics, and women would do women's gymnastics and know the most about, and follow their respective side of the sport.  I assured him that this was not necessarily  the case, and that gymnastics was one of those rare, rare birds where the women's version is more popular than the men's.
It also, as we talked, raised another interesting question.  There are many, many world class WAG coaches that are male.  Think Valeri Liukin, Octavian Belu, Alexander Alexandrov, Mihai Brestyan.....
Are there any, not even world class, but elite female MAG coaches?  Methinks not.  But I do like to be surprised.


  1. I've noticed that too... When I think about it, it seems completely normal to have men coach women's gymnastics, but weird to have women coach men's gymnastics...

    I don't think it's just gymnastics, though. I think it encompasses other sports too. Can't think of any specific examples right now though.

  2. sorry.. i was thinking about female coaches WAG :))

  3. Kristian Thomas GBR is coached by Michelle Bradley and her son Ryan Bradley, there's an interview with them on BGtv.

  4. It's like this in many disciplines~
    My only example is that Apolo Ono used to be and the current Chinese Skating team is coached by Li Yan.
    And the North Koream WAG team seemed to be coached by Kim Chun Phil, Choe Gyong Hui and Choe Mil Hyang, all female.