Tuesday, November 2, 2010


As I have said before, I like Hannah Whelan of Great Britain a lot.  I think she is the quiet achiever of the Brits.  Besides, one does have to pay kudos to a girl who came back from an interminable injury break to win the British Nationals.  That is impressive.

Her coach, Amanda Kirby treated her performances at worlds as one of her first major international.  Funny, since the girl had already been to an Olympics.  "She was so tiny then, though" Kirby said.  And it is true.
And Whelans' attitude about her performance is just right.  She was great in Rotterdam, but she can do better.

“The standard is very high. In the individual overall I finished sixteenth, but the difference between eighth place to 20th was only a few marks and I feel I can do better.

Read More http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/junior-sport/2010/11/02/hannah-whelan-enjoys-her-experience-at-the-world-gymnastics-championships-100252-27582671/#ixzz14AMtmTHh

Anyway, for a little bit of reminiscing, lets look at what that tiny little thing did when confronted with the massive stage that was Beijing. Sure, she stepped out, but this 'Romanian junior' routine was very impressive coming from such a young 'un.


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