Monday, October 4, 2010


That's right- they say they are the worse kind!

And I guess I am one of them.  As much as I whined and complained about the behaviour of Andrea Joyce toward Alicia Sacramone after the Beijing Olympic Team final, I did precisely nought about it (except publicly complain here, I guess!).
Well, last week, I got an email from a guy who did do something.  Nick did it the old fashioned way.  He wrote to the NBC in complaint afterward.  Awesome.

For you perusal;

"Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a big follower of your Gymnastics programming and very much appreciate the time and effort your organisation puts into coverage of this sport.  I have been a fan of gymnastics since 1992, and have never had a problem with your commentators and interviewers until I came upon Andrea Joyce's interview of Alicia Sacramone at the 2008 Olympic Games.  Andrea Joyce has never been one of my favorite interviewers, but on this occasion she crossed the line from a mild annoyance to just an awful person.  Throughout the interview she berated poor Ms. Sacramone with questions about her mistakes, leading Ms. Sacramone to begin CRYING towards the end of the interview.  If this wasn't enough, in her next interview with the entire team she alluded to the fact of Alicia's mistakes, and requested input from the other team members regarding these mistakes.

Whilst I realise it is important for an interviewer to gain a full story during your coverage, I feel this should not come at the emotional abuse that was visible in your coverage of the 2008 Olympic Games.  If you are to search on the internet the words "Andrea Joyce Alicia Sacramone" you will find that I am hardly the only one with this point of view.  Numerous gymnastics fans, and other viewers of the coverage were also shocked by this insensitivity to a young 19-year-old gymnast who had just endured the heartbreak of her life.

While it is not my place to decide who Universal Sports uses on their live broadcasts, I feel that many amongst us would not be sorry to see Andrea Joyce go.  She is not a strong link on the gymnastics broadcast team, and seems to have a rather limited knowledge of the sport.  This, in addition to her poor interviewing skills, are key reasons in why I believe she is not a suitable member for your otherwise highly entertaining gymnastics broadcasts.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this email.  Obviously I do not expect you to dismiss an employee over one viewer's complaints, but I just hope that my opinions, and those of many other gymnastics fans in the United States will at least lead Andrea Joyce to change her rather brutal interviewing techniques.



  1. This person deserves some sort of award. I just don't know which.

  2. I'm very very impressed. I wish I could be that eloquent! Very well-worded, and would no doubt be happily signed by thousands of gymnastics fans around the world.

  3. Did he receive a reply ?

  4. Bravo to this person!

  5. I can't find a video of that interview!! Was it removed??

  6. To Sofia:

  7. Thank you, Nick, for verbalizing what many gymnastics fans have been stewing about. That interview was unacceptable. NBC's attempts to construct a melodramatic narrative of the sport should not come at the expense of the gymnasts, who have no choice but to stand in front of the cameras and attempt to answer Andrea Joyce's offensive questions.

  8. Well put!

    Although I laughed when I read: "highly entertaining gymnastics broadcasts". That's quite a stretch, imo, but to each their own.

  9. Haha, I thought I should butter them up a bit if i was planning on slagging off one of their interviewers. I watched the interview again and I'm still so angry about the way Andrea Joyce treated Alicia.