Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Okay, I just saw the USA.  I missed bars.  Here is what I know.

My friend told me that Bross was excellent-missed nothing.

Davis did clean work- but unspectacular.

Macko showed lots of height.

Mattie nailed her double layout, which she has been doing all week, and had amazing tension and form.  All her handstands were perfect.

Aly sat down her beam dismount a couple of times, then landed it.

Bridget Sloan is struggle town on beam, with wobbles, windmills and low dismounts.  Asac was actually coaching her through it!
Bross looked okay.  She was mistiming her dismount but landing it okay- a bit low.

Matttie Larson looked really stable and beautiful on beam with full splits and clean work.

Mack is doing okay, but had to get bandaged and treatment up near the top of the back of her thigh during beam.  She seemed to be in a bit of pain. It didn't stop her doing floor.

Alicia was rock solid on beam- EXCEOT for her from pike.  For some reason she kept landing with her feet sideways and coming off.  But i think it is just a glitch.

Chelsea Davis also looked clean, and aside from one fall, did pretty well.

Asac ROCKED vault.  That title should be hers next week.  I don't see how anyone can touch her.  In fact everyone vaulted pretty well, except Bridget Sloan who was having a few landing issues.  Raisman did a beautiful DTY.  I think the Amanar has fallen by the wayside, somehow.


Macko was okay- nothing spectacular, but clean and solid.  Apparently Sloan didn't look all that god either.

Mattie Larson did a fantastic routine until the end, where she crunched her feet on her double pike.

Bross came up well on floor, especially considering she is in obvious pain at the moment.  Evcrything seemed a struggle for her.  But then, a struggle for her is many gymnast's good day!

Chelsea Davis delivered an unbelievably spotless floor routine.  It was the performance of the day.  She was great.  i really love she and Kim's dynamic.  Every time she talks to Kim after a routine, it ends in a smile- which is so nice to see.

I also love to watch the difference between Brestyan coaching Raisman and Sacramone.  Raisman gets a lengthy bit of feedback, while Asac gets like two words!  She also coaches the others, not just Ali, which is nice to see.

All in al, Mattie larson is standing out as the star performer. Style, elegance, great execution and beautiful form.  All things that perhaps Sloan and Bross are too injured to show at the moment.  If any of them can't perform, Chelsae Davis (she is reserve, isn't she?) is doing a stellar job.

That's all for now!


  1. Thanks for the info! When do prelims start??

    I absolutly love the US leos! I hope to see these again in the competition. The blue is a nice change!

  2. Larson FX:
    on same YouTube-page also Bross FX

  3. The reserve for U.S. has not been named. Marta wanted to see how everyone did once they got to Rotterdam. Apparently there is some recent FIG rule change that allows you to name an alternate after the qualifications?

  4. sooo now that podium training is done, WHO IS THE ALTERNATE? Damn Martha tell us already!

  5. Universal Sports used your report for their blog: You've finally made it!

  6. I'm so not surprised to hear the good news about Mattie. Her form is absolutely amazing. It's not just injuries that are keeping Sloan and Bross from showing the same...they just don't have what she does. I really hope she performs to her full potential in competition, so the international community can see that not all American gymnasts

  7. I know I'll get flamed for this, but based on the podium reports and videos ONLY, I think it should be Raisman for the alternate. Her form is weak and she seems to be pushing through a lot of her routines.