Monday, October 4, 2010


Tasha Schwikert gave some really interesting and honest answers to the questions I asked her about performing as part of a team;

I have to say that coming from the elite environment to the college environment was an adjustment that took some time getting used to. I loved the fact that I had my teammates around me at meets and training for motivation and the energy we could feed off each other, but I wasn’t used to training with that many girls. I came from a gym where it was basically my sister, my coach, and I training in a group together. Also, the elite level isn’t a very verbal and light-hearted atmosphere. You don’t typically hear girls screaming for each other and cheering people on like you do in NCAA. In elite you are trained to focus and stay in your "shell" so to speak. When I came to college I had to learn how to come out of my shell and cheer on my teammates whether I was having a great day or not. 

It is also a really lovely look back at some of her Bruin consorts personalities as she describes the various team leaders, comedians etc.

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