Sunday, October 24, 2010


Beth Tweddle wiping something off the back of Bridget Sloan's neck coming off the bars line-up. "Thanks.  That would have looked real good." Sloan joked.

Alicia Sacramone actually near-grinning during her beam set as she nailed another landing!

Rebecaa Bross giving Leslie King, the USAG media lady her flowers in the mixed zone.  Leslie thought she was taking them to hold for her while she did interviews, but Becca was like "Oh you can keep them if you like. I don't need 'em!"

Rebecca Bross again.  The medalists have to wait in this little corner behind metal barriers before the medal ceremony backstage.  Becca got tired of standing there waiting and plonked herself down on the floor.  She caught my eye as she did it and we laughed.  Because of the metal barriers she looked like a little caged animal!

Rebecca Bross AGAIN (who said she doesn't have a sense of humour?) doing a slow-motion  run to Alicia Sacramone after her beam set for a hug just like in the movies.  It was cute and funny.

Becca's cartoon run!!

Yang Yilin and Wu Liufang were munching on some hot dogs when they got busted by some little autograph hunters before EFs yesterday.  Yilin did her best to sign t-shirts one-handed, but eventually she had to give up and put her dinner down!

Raluca Haidu wearing her coaches jacket, which was about forty-eight times too big for her!

Bridget Sloan congratulating Becca bross after she overtook her on bars- "Don't worry, I don't take it personally!"

Me thinking it would be really touching to get a picture of the Romanian coaches standing for their anthem as Porgras won her medal.  Instead they looked like a bunch of bored kids in class! (though they were all very, very happy for Ana and there were lots and lots of cuddles and tears earlier)

Better, however, than Valeri Liukin.  Here is where he was while Rebecca Bross earned her bars medal yesterday!

Yang Yilin standing at the chalkbowl and doing He Kexin's bars moves along with her as she yells! Hilarious!


  1. Whenever I look at that picture of Rebecca running, I hear "Chariots of Fire" in my head.

    Valeri looks like he's thinking "I getting too old for this!"

  2. Wow - that really shows up how tiny Raluca is!

    And also that Yang Yilin is totally muscle!

  3. It really looks like Valeri Liukin is checking his phone in the pic.

  4. I love it!!! Especially the part about Tweddle. It's fun to see the interaction between gymnasts from other countries. It reminds you that on the inside these are humans, not robots. Cute stuff.

  5. The Romanian coaches don't look bored -- they seem to be intent on what's happening, actually. Don't get where you're coming from there...

  6. Haha! This was awesome! Bross did have the best ""cue Rocky Music" run! And exactly what is that tape on the back of the neck, I feel like I saw Alica S. with it as well and was wondering.

    TCG: can you please post my comments, you never do and I've been a faithful supporter of this blog, its a blog and my comments are always interesting questions, I'm a former gymnast who still trains for fun now and just love the sport and dont understand why my post never get posted and they are simply positive remarks or questions others may have.

  7. Thanks much. Did you go to the post- competition party? :)

  8. Couchie I saw you shoving the Italian coach out the way to get a photo of Mitchell and Liddick after she won floor. Classic moment, it made me LOL big time.

  9. Hi anonymous at 12.47. I am sorry you are not seeing your comments but I NEVER don't post comments unless they are racist sexist or really really rude and it doesn't sound like you are either of those!. So I think there must be some technological issues with your comments not getting to me, because as I said, I ALWAYS post comments- seriously- unless i stop for a particular post- and I always announce that.
    And Anon 5.33- there was NO WAY anyone was getting in my way of that shot!!

  10. Wow, does Yang Yilin have an ounce of fat on her body?!

  11.'re pretty good. You even let a lot of my crap through. There was this one time, that I wasn't even trolling, but had a technical correction to a mistake of yours on some gymnastics and you didn't allow my post through and instead updated your own headpost, without giving me credit.

    But it was just the one time and you do let a lot of my trolling through. Umm...and the leotards are gone. And even some discussion of men's gym sneaking in at the periphery. So...good.