Thursday, October 14, 2010


So, I saw China earlier today.  They looked exceptional on beam.  Especially Sui Lu and Deng Linlin, who is much improved from the other day.  She nailed two near-perfect beam sets in a row.  Her double pike was low, but that was the same for all the girls, really. Sui Lu stayed on the beam until the last possible moment, working her set.

The tumbling on floor is still a big worry, as many of the girls are not hitting it.  Huang Qishuang did a great routine, as did Sui Lu who nailed ever tumbling run cold, but couldn't quite get her turns.
 Yang Yilin could not hit to save her life, and she seemed to be having foot or ankle issues.

I had a laugh watching He Kexin cartwheeling around the floor for a bit- just like a little girl- only the cartwheels were perfect!! I missed her floor set though.

Wu Liufang stumbled on all of her passes but did a fabulous spin.  She landed her last pass with her head near the ground.

Yang Yilin crashed on vault over and over again, and seemed to be in genuine pain in her ankles.  She already has a taped knee and shoulder, what more does she neeed?!

Deng Linlin didn't do any real vaults while I was there, just timers.  Same with Jiang Yuyuan.  I don't know if they were just having an 'easy' vault day or if there is trouble there.

All in all the same issues prevail.  They look stunning on beam (I missed bars) but the leg events are not looking great for them.  They just seem to not have the strength for their tumbling, which is sad, because they are performing their floor routines so beautifully.  They have really been trained so well in using their faces and eyes to perform their routines.  I hope they can pull it together.

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  1. I still think China can compete for gold or silver. The current judging system really seems to favor any team with strong bars workers. There seems to be a wide range in the bars scoring among the top contenders, from great (15-range) to phenomenal (16-range), and China has a penchant for bars. With floor there doesn't seem to be as much of a chance to break away from the pack. So unless China's floor (and vault) routines are just abysmal, their in-the-stratosphere bars routines will probably keep them at the top.