Tuesday, October 5, 2010


An exciting floor final....

And the winner? They have to win with style, with joy and with stuck tumbling.

I have resigned myself to less than beautiful choreography.  I have accepted that not every gymnast out there receives rigorous ballet training or has a gifted choreographer at their disposal.  I understand that athleticism does in no way equate with lyricism or musicality.  I know that massive difficulty is necessary in this day and age and code of gymnastics.

But that does not mean that whoever wins, can't do it with some charm, joy and conviction!. that's all I ask.
I was happy for Sandra Izbasa when she won the floor final in Beijing.  I was so happy to see her triumph at the end, and it was because not only was her performance difficult or that she nailed every landing, but that despite the fact she is no dancer, she performed her routine with joy and charm. She had me convinced that she loved what she was doing- and how well she was doing it....

That's what I want to see in Rotterdam.  I want whoever wins to sell me their floor- to make me believe that they are the undisputed winner, not a winner because they nailed their difficult routine, but because they performed it.

It's that simple.....


  1. Such a floor final would be really nice. Personally, I'd loooooove to see Afanasyeva taking home a medal on floor (and in my dreams also in the AA) :)

    oh, and shouldn't it be wish list #5 instead of #4?

  2. I'm pulling for Mattie Larson. Her floor routine is great and really beautiful to watch!

  3. I would love to see Porgras take a floor medal! Although I don't think she has the difficulty. =( If not Porgras then Larson for sure!

  4. Looks like I'm definitely not in the minority here (so far at least)...assuming Mattie Larson both makes the US team and doesn't break herself, I'm pulling for her to make the floor final and get a medal. Preferably gold.