Thursday, October 14, 2010


I just finished watching Romania train.  I missed bars, which seems to be the pattern of the day.
They looked pretty good.

Ana Porgras has just been exceptional this week.  She fell from beam once in about eight routines and I did not see a noteworthy mistake on floor.  She is so together right now.

Raluca Haidu looked good on beam.  Her splits are just perfect in her leaps.  She fell once, and had low landings, but other than that, was okay.

Gabi and Ceresela both did decent beam routines, but nothing to write home about.
Sandra was pretty solid, but she is not getting her twists.  A friend of mine noted that she has gotten even taller, just this year, which may be affecting her core, and it is certainly affecting her twists on floor, beam and vault.  But she'll be okay because everything else is in place.

Racea trained beam, but not vault or floor.  instead she spent time with the (new young?) physio/medic, who massaged her and treated her with ice.

Anca Grigoras watched training and did a bit of coaching on beam too, especially with Sandra and Raluca.

Diana Chelaru was pretty steady on beam, but had some trouble on floor.  She is hit and miss with her tumbling this week.  one minute she does an astonishingly fabulous double layout, and then dangerously crunches a double pike, or the other way around!  But she is certainly the quiet achiever of the Romanian team, so we will see.

Sandra Izbasa was hilarious tonight.  Lots of giggles and joy, even though she was working hard.  At one point she landed her tumble in a near crouch and fell back like a swooning actresss and lay on the floor laughing!  It was pretty cute.

There was a super sweet huggy moment between Gabi Dragoi and Raluca Haidu too.

When I took pics of the girls as they were leaving, Ana Porgras was smiling, and saying to Ceresela "pictures!".

The Romanians are patchy, but they'll be okay.  They seem quite relaxed (not overly so) but in a good way.  That matters more to me than results.  Maybe they really are not expecting a team medal this time- I don't know.


  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! And yes, the young physiotherapist is a new staff member.

  2. Did I mention you are The Queen of The World and The Supreme Mistress of Everything? I can't thank you enough. And I completeley agree a happy team is worth much more than a bloody medal. It's been a while since I've seen my girls so at ease, and I couldn't be happier for them. Oh, and the picture of Gabi and Pitic hugging is worth a million bucks. Thanks again!

  3. I'm glad they seem relaxed right now. What is the point of getting all anxious and serious when they still have three days to go. Love the final picture. They look like a bad ass little gymnastics gang!

  4. Has Patrascu put her Yang Bo back in her beam routine?

  5. "Oh, and the picture of Gabi and Pitic hugging is worth a million bucks"

    I couldn't agree more!!!

    Thanks a lot for everything you've done for us so far!

  6. Are the Romanains wearing compression socks (like runners) or just leg warmmers? Love all the pics and news, Thank you.