Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Okay, some quick notes on Romania.  Bars didn't look bad at all.  Gabi did a clean routine, as did Raluca, and she was doing lovely dismounts.  Beam was a problem for both of them.  Gabi started out well, but then had a lot of trouble landing her two-and-a-half dismount near the end.  Raluca kept messing her dismount AND her full twist.  Octavian was talking about her to Lili and then made them both stay up on the podium and work while the others finished.  Diana Chelaru looked good and Sandra was very steady mostly.  Amelia was also good.
Floor was different.  Sandra was working really hard to nail her landings, but went out of bounds a few times.  My friend noted that she has a funny habit of remaining very still for a minute of she sticks.  But if she messes her landing she walks away very quickly as if it never happened!
Dianan Chelaru started out REALLY well on floor but her DLO got progressively lower and she jammed her toes on landing a couple of tyimes.  It looked like it hurt.

All in all, Ana Porgras is doing an incredible job.  Her beam and floor both look very, very good.  She is in a league of her own at the moments.

Haidu was okay on floor but had some very, very low landings.

Amelia Racea, who looked so clean yesterday really started struggling today and is visibly in pain.  I do wonder if they will be able to use her.  After going through her full floor she was really upset and in pain and was being comforted by Lili.

Octavian watched all and instructed the girls when to do everything again, if it looked like they need to.

On vault, Haidu looked great.  Sandra was pretty good.  Patrascu did timers, but they were BIG!

Gabi and Ceresela did a great job of massaging the girls legs and cheering for them when they were on the sidelines.  Such a warm sisterly atmosphere.  They were all calling for each other and being really encouraging.  Really nice to watch!

I have to go and watch Asutralia now!   But here some photos.  As I said- join my Facebook for extra photos etc.  The link is on the right!


  1. Can I please use your photos to my gymnastics websites on wordpress (sandraizbasa.wordpress.com this is one of them) if I specify the source?

  2. Thank you soooooooooo much for providing us with this information!!!!!!

  3. I'd appreciate it if you posted extra pics somewhere other than facebook--you have to log in to see the photos on facebook, and I don't have an account (nor do I want one!).

  4. Sandra is already blond, why did she have to go and bleach it? OMG, it looks horrible! She was so pretty!
    Thanks for the report!

  5. Most of the photos end up here too. But while i am very busy during the day it is easy to post a pic on Fbook now and then, rather than to blog. That does not mean they will not be on the blog later. i am only one person working full time at the Worlds, also trying to keep you guys updated and am running on very little sleep. i will post pics on the blog when I can. Remember, I do this for free.

  6. Alexa- yes- but you must provide a link to this blog.

  7. Out of curiosity, which team is in the background in red in that first pic? :)

  8. Thank you for sharing all this information! It's great to know what's going on. And it's nice that I'm in the same time zone as you now, so I'm not asleep while you are posting away.

    Your name is mentioned on the homepage of the Dutch version of the website of the World Championships, it's kind of cool to see it there. I guess you will be getting a lot more readers now. It's strange to see your commentary translated in Dutch though.

    Wat gebeurt er allemaal achter de schermen als de teams aankomen op een WK? Brigid McCarthy, bekend van het blog 'Couch Gymnast', sprak met de delegaties tijdens het accreditatieproces.

  9. please, let me know about Brazil! write something here please!

  10. I just want to thank you for taking the time to share these information with us even if you're super-busy with your job. Keep up the good work!

  11. You're so freaking awesome. Thanks for working so hard!

  12. THANK YOU from Los Angeles, CA for updating us - for free now less! :)