Thursday, October 14, 2010


Team Venezuela

Hiya all.  Here is my report on the eleventh Podium training session, with Mexico, Venezuela and Germany. It was a really really fun session to watch.

 I love the Mexicans and Venzuelans especially!

Alexa Moreno

Mexico were so much fun on floor!  They all have really sassy and fun routines.  Elsa Garcia was her usual magic self in dance, but unfortunately, she just could not get her two-and-a-half to punch front or her triple turn, where she would  repeatedly step to the side.  Her bars however looked good and despite an early fall on her side aerial, stayed on beam. Unfortunately her leg up full turn is a travesty, even in a World Championship league of bad leg-up full turns!

Another great one to watch was Mitzi Unda.  She was one of the 3 girls doing a the BHS to back LO combo, and looked extremely pretty. Unda was present at Pac Rims in Melbourne earlier this year, but didn’t compete to her best because of a broken finger.  I think she might have another injury at the moment as she looked to be having difficulties on vault.

Garcia was landing some good vaults, although she seems to pike down on her DTY.

JLo cracking up after her leap series....!

Okay, Jessica Lopez.  She looks really, really great.  On every apparatus.  If she doesn’t make AA finals this year, I will eat my computer (maybe not- I need it, but you know what I mean!)  She jumped up on bars and did two Tkatchevs and a piked Geinger within seven or eight swings just for warm up!  She is doing brilliantly quick and dynamic triple and two-and-a-half-twists.  On beam, her leaps were phenomenal and she only fell of once or twice in many routines.  On every podium, she was the first up and the lastto leave. For a while there, I thought she never smiled, and didn’t talk to the other team members, but then, after a while, she seemed to relax a little and have a few laughs.  In fact, when she was on beam, after performing a perfect leap series, she kind of cracked up and had as laugh to herself.  I am not sure why!
I just hope she has a good qualification, and not a disastrous one like last year.  She has the strength and the build to last a long time in this sport.

German National Champion, Elisabeth Seitz.

Honestly, I didn’t watch much of Germany, as I had three major countries to watch and report on for the website.  So I asked two of the German volunteers here, who are big fans of their team to watch and take notes for me.  I did, however, see Chuso on beam, and she was very, very business like.  The routine is pretty fugly, but you can’t fault her for getting through it well every time.  I managed to miss ALL her vaults, unfortunately but was told they were pretty shocking form wise.
German team standout Seitz made her Def, apparently, and looked pretty on floor.  I am looking forward to seeing how she does in AA qualifications.

Chuso is wearing her wedding ring!

Vault will be interesting.  Only Sacramone and Kaeslin stand out at the moment.  Nabieva is training a piked Pod to go with her Amanar, which should get her into the final, I suppose.


  1. You made me laugh so much with "i'd eat my computer... no, i need it" jajajjaa. You're gorgeus! Keep writing and taking photos... also take a nap sometimes... you're doing a great job!
    Have you gone outside de hotel or the gym???
    Thanks again for argentine's photos! :)

  2. Can someone remind me of what a Def is?

  3. Its a ginger with a full twist. So a 1 1/2 twist release look up Emily Lepennec or Isabelle Severino they both do one in their routine. Thanks for the report does Elsa look like AA final material? Any pictures of the Mexicans will be greatly appreciated.

  4. shocking good or shocking bad??