Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hi guys- this is a quickie.  I just saw Russia and GBR and Australia and others.

Australia looked great.  Bars was wonderful.  All the girls hit, including Larissa Miller and her phenomenal dismount.  I don't know if it is up t last year's standard, but it is good.
Lauren did a killer beam training.  She looked way better than Commonwealths to me, where I saw her as tentative.  Her floor was a bit messy.  She way overdid her first tumble and couldn't even do her stag leap.  Everything went up and up from there, though.

The Twed was coughing hard, but looked good on floor.  She no longer leaps out of her tumbles!  Also, she only did six of her eight flight elements- missing her Markelov, I think.
GBR really do look solid.  They have an incredible array of double arabians on floor, good beam skills, a massively talented reserve and spunky, yet elegant girls.  As i have been saying all year, they are gonna be great soon.  Watch out, Romania!

Stefani Bismpikou is back!  Still does a gorgeous Kochetkova and an Onodi!  Looked sore and tired though.

The Russians were okay
Every single one of them fell o floor at least once
Nabs cried once.
Dementieva cried twice. I did see her smile for the first time today, though, so that was nice.
Semeonova crunched her feet on her double pike and nearly cried about four times.
Both Aliya and Nabs sat on down their Amanars the first time or two.
Beam was a pretty hot mess.  Afanasyeva was the only decent one.  Everyone fell at least once though.
Nabs has not caught her laid out Tkatchev much at all this week.
Nabiyeva exited the building being yelled at by her coach.  She was, in true Khorkina form, muttering and sulking right back.  Hilarious!
In the 'random' selection for drug testing, both Mustafina and Tweddle were the ones picked.  Random?

All that said about Russia- i still belive they could pull it right out on the night.  that is their style and I would not count them out for a second even after this disaster of a podium session!

Marta, Valeri,Kathy, Nastia and Kim all came to watch Russia.  I ebt they are feeling a little safer now!

Photo time!!


The return of Bismpikou!

Divas are Us!

Did I already post this? oh well, it is cute enough to be looked at twice!

Laura Svilpaite- all grown up- not!

The Aussie bag o'talent!

Danusia Francis- amazing eyelashes!


  1. Larissa does a ful-twisting double back.

  2. re - the a la Khorkina comment. Awesome. So funny!

  3. PolyisTCOandbannedOctober 12, 2010 at 4:46 PM

    Maybe Russia will fall all over the place and US and China can resume their rightful competiont for 1st versus 2nd.

  4. Larrissa has added the Stalder full before the full-in which is a new connection. It can be seen in this vid

  5. does china and russia have similar leotards, just different colors?

    also, wheres the USA?

  6. Russians have the most miserable training sessions, but then usually pull it out in competition, unless they're unsecue (cough cough Nabieva) poor Semenova on her double pike that she usually overotates or sticks...No suprise on Nabieva, and Mustafina's Amanars...