Monday, October 11, 2010


As per usual, enjoy, but please ask my permission before using these. Otherwise, I'd rather you just linked here.....

Lauren Mitchell and Georgia Bonora.

Japan! (with Alina Kozich!!)

Romania outside

The Bross.

Dom Pegg and Charlotte Mackie

Mattie Larson is soooo focussed!

Guess who!!!!

Nabieva is always cheeky!


The wild Izbasa mane!!


Danusia Francis

Emily Little of Australia

Beth Twedde NAILED bars over and over......
Little Miss Porgras and her legwarmers...

Aliya Mustafina looked the most relaxed of the Russian girls today....

Russian girls always seem to know where the camera is, even from half a mile away!

Jade Barbosa- No tears today....


  1. are you allowed to take training vids??

    ps. i spy a vein in bross' bicep... she's toned up a lot. i mean, she's always been quite fit, but she's totally ripped now!

  2. Hi, can a use the pictures with la romanian girls for a post on my blog? thank you. of course with the source. thank you again

  3. Because I don;t know who you are, I'd rather you posted one photo and then linked to my site thanks.

  4. Loved all the pictures, Mustafina and Porgras are so pretty!

  5. Good God woman, what great photos! So tired of waiting until "after-the-fact" to see any photos of major competitions posted on the Web. You're just all over it!! Thanks for sharing this marvelous experience LIVE.

  6. Beautiful photos--thank you so much! By any chance, did you see the Chinese girls at all today?

  7. Mustafina is so gorgeous.

    You mentioned that Dementieva did a floor routine - do we know who exactly the reserve is yet?

  8. Sandra, Aliya and Tanya are wonderful :)

  9. I linked my blog tu hear, i dont use any pic. Its a problem? Sorry for the english

  10. Thank you for the photos! I hope to see videos from Podium training soon! Does that start tommorrow?

    Also I love the blue for the Americans, its nice to see a change!

    Do we know an offical announcement of who the US reserve is...I know the FIG roster has Chelsea Davis listed...

  11. Nice to see Barbosa again.

    What is with those Romanian leos? Usually they can be relied upon for good, solid, classic style leos, but sometimes they come up with some real stinkers. Let's hope these don't make it into competition.

  12. Awesome pics, and Martha just in between ;)

  13. Barbosa looks the spitting image of A-Sac in that photo!