Saturday, October 23, 2010


Mihai Brestyan is one of those dream coaches to talk to.  You don't even have to ask much.  He offers.  I remarked to him how often it seems Alicia is in the unlucky situation of vaulting early and waiting for results.

"Oh, it doesn't matter" He said.  We do it out of respect for the other gymnasts anyway.  We knew she just had to beat the first four girls.  We had done the numbers.  But we wait out of respect, anyway.  Besides, you never know what can happen.  Look at that last girl (Barbosa) she came out of nowhere and she did something really good."

Psychologically speaking, is it better for a gymnast like Alicia to go up first?

"Yes, definitely.  We know what job she has to do.  Then she can just go out and do it and then sit back and watch.  Then the pressure is on them.  It is better."

Is it possible for Alicia to do floor?

"Yes, it is definitely possible.  She has all the skills.  She has everything back.  She just has to decide that she wants to do it.  She has to decide that she wants to spend an extra half an hour in the gym every day.  That is all it is, half an hour.  But she has to want it."

On Aly in the all-around.

"Oh, she is so young.  She come from nowhere in the last year, and she does very well this year. She did well with her team, out there with her friends, but alone not so well.  But she is too young just yet.  I was so proud of her, for coming back after mistake, for doing good on her last events.  But we did not expect her to be in the all-around."

Really?  I did.

"Oh, no I didn't.  Aly had hopes, though.  But her dream was too big, and when she woke up, bang- it frightened her!"

On Aliya Mustafina

"When you do the big vault, you take the big risk and that is what happened with her.  She takes the deductions.  But next year, she will very, very dangerous because she is still young.  I like her.  She is a good gymnast.  She has a very good head."


  1. Good stuff. What got into you? Tired of leotard polls?

  2. Oh dude, there'll be leotard polls too, don't you worry.

  3. i love the leo polls!!!

  4. TCO seems to think it is impossible to do both, be both,insightful and shallow at the same time!!

  5. Leo polls rock!!! Don't be hatin'!.