Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Emma on right (Photo www.gymn.ca)

So, I was a little bit impressed by the lovely beam work of Emma Willis of Canada last night.  Despite my general rage at the Ten netowrk, I managed to notice that, despite a fall, she had hard skills and some really pretty work. She qualified second highest of the Canadians in the AA.
I decided to look her up on Youtube.  I actually couldn't find a video of her post-2007, but here is one I found.

And hell, how baby Soviet is this routine?  Clearly, her tumbling would have been a hell of a lot cleaner had she been a baby Soviet.  But the white scrunchee paired with the red leo?  The cutesy baby chorey?  The hand flapping in the opening moments?  It all screams "I am surrounded by ex-Soviet gymnasts coaches!'.  Even though I actually have no idea who coaches her!  Actually, according to Gymn.ca, she is/was coached by the Brubakers.  Maybe its the choreographer? Oh well, she is worth watching anyway.


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  1. Found a video of Willis from the commonwealth games 2010.