Saturday, October 23, 2010


An article I wrote from an interview by Elena Davidova is now up on the Official Rotterdam World Championships Website if you would like to read it.  She talks about breaking her neck at the 1981 World Championships and Kristina Vaculik's injury.

I also spoke to Kristina Vaculik while I was here, unofficially.  First, I have to say she is the hardest working gymnast I have watched in a long time.  She puts in the hours in training, oh my, despite being injured.  She is incredible.

When I spoke to her the other day she was icing her still-swollen arms after a long session of training. She has been at Stanford for a little while now and is really enjoying it.  She and the team went out to Yosemite and had a team hike.  She is studying pre-med and seems really, really happy to be at such a good school.  Between Kristina, Sam Shapiro, and Shona Morgan entering their ranks, Stanford is shaping up to be an amazing team!  She is looking at a new floor routine too, as she has had hers for a very long time.  Apparently some of the Stanford girls choreograph their own.  She is heading back there after Worlds.

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