Friday, October 8, 2010


with Ban back in the day!

Okay, this will be quick because I am one jetlagged lady.

Interesting that Bitang is not going with the team to Worlds and that they are going with the old gang.  I found it interesting that she said she wasn't into her gymnasts becoming attached to just one coach.  Didn't she remain with the Romanian National team a little extra longer just so she could take Cata Ponor to another major?- I can't remember which.
But this is what a couple of the girls said, according to Fangymnastics

It will be harder because she (Bitang) gives me energy and confidence” -Raluca Haidu
For me honestly, it will be very hard because she (Bitang) helps me a lot” - Diana Chelaru

Must make the three that are going feel all warm and fuzzy!

Good to see that something was actually able to be done in regards to the North Koreans.  The 'Oops it was a typo defense' should go right up there with the "The twelve year-old did faked her passport herself number!

Brossy is getting the usual star injury treatment, being allowed to wait until the last minute to see if her shin injury will stop her.  Good.  If she's not competing, who is going to make Alioya Mustafina work for it!?

And, as ever, god on Lauren and Georgia for taking 1 & 2 on bars in India last night!  Yay!!!

The Ahoy arena is looking good today.  An army of volunteers were going in to put the competition floor together, while many other are trying to put all the operations together.  It's going to be a fabulous comp. They have attracted 600 volunteers this year!


  1. Can anyone tell me why the North Koreans were banned from competition, but the Chinese weren't, even though they were convicted of the same thing?

  2. Oh well, maybe it was because it was longer ago. Anyway I'm sneakily glad the Chinese weren't banned because I want to watch them! Thanks for the reply and for the great blog! TCG is currently my fav gymnastics website!