Wednesday, October 13, 2010


You know I don't do MAG, but my friend did just hear that Yuri Van gelder has been dropped by his biggest sponsors after Cocainegate II.  That is the beauty of the press room- overheard gossip!

Just watched a bit of Russia training with Blythe and Rick of Gym Examiner and Gymnastics Coaching, who it has been really, really wonderful to meet.  They are now providing coverage of Worlds too- so everything is about to get better and deeper!

The Russians were taking it slow today, after last night's less that stellar podium training.  They took it pretty easy on vault and worked slowly on bars. Mustafina and Nabieva worked very hard when actually on the bars, despite the fact that Mustafina was up late refusing to pee in a cup or drink enough water to male more pee until after midnight when she finally relented.
Mydrikova was kept on vault, where she was working pretty well.  I also saw Kurbatova nail a landing.

Dementieva and Semenova both struggled a little on bars, but Dementieva sure looks good swinging bars.  She was pretty chipper today after crying three times in podium training last night.

I have to go eat dinner and then report Venezuela and Mexico on the podium, but I will be back!!


  1. Does Dementieva seem outcast from rest of team?

  2. So jealous of you, Blythe and Rick being there! keep up the great posts! :)

  3. I've always thought of Dementieva as the outcast of the team too. Even by her teammates. They usually buddy up while she's hiding in the background.

  4. Well Dementieva was the youngest, and she is the only one not on the Euro team. Also almost all of them have Euro or World achievments, and Dementieva has none. I'm not sure about everyone else, but Tatiana and Aliya seem like they want to be the leaders, and forcefully be stars, unlike Semenova and Afanasyeva who are very modest, (they also don't have emotional breakdowns)