Friday, October 15, 2010


Not too much to say about today.  I spent the morning covering a subdivision of the men’s podium training.  That was real fun considering I didn’t know the name of any but three gymnasts or the name of any men’s skills.  Good times.

It was pretty quiet in the training halls today.  Romania and Japan didn’t come back for their second session.  Russia showed.  I watched them vault which is always mildly painful.
Kurbatova is a mess on vault.  She gets her double around, but her legs and elbows are everywhere.
I didn’t see any Amanars, but I wasn’t really looking.
Demmy and Mustafina tried to train on the bars that have plastic stuck around them- to stop the gymnasts from using them for soem reason.  So what do they do, go to the other

What's wrong with this picture, Demmy?

"Um, excuse me? Notice anything, uh, different about these bars?"

The Great Brits looked good on floor.  Their chorey is generally quite great and pretty tasteful.  I have seen Tweddle mess up one tumbling run in the last few days, so she is looking good.

Jenni Pinches also looks pretty good too.  And Imogen cairns.  I wish there was a spot for her and her floor on this team. She might actually be the reserve I am saddest for, aside from injury reserves.

I dropped in to see my Aussies.  They were doing bars.  I am beginning to suspect they are only doing bars because that is all I ever see!  They all looked good.  Wheeler looks fab.  And for the person who asked, I only saw her do a double pike dismount. 


Miller is also continuing to rock it.  Her dismount is still excellent and she is hitting all her handstands.  Georgia Bonora is also looking good and clean up there.  Georgia Simpson was having a LOT of trouble getting her shootover to handstand.  She just kept losing her form and arching off the bar.
I did see a bit of beam.  Lozza looked solid aside from one drop from her layout.  She should get in event finals with no problems if she doesn’t fall.  I wanted to stay for floor but I am tired!  Brennan was also rock steady tonight.

Jess Lopez

Also, earlier, I watched a bit of Venezuela.  They were great again. Jessica Lopez looks fabulous on floor.  She twists brilliantly.  She was having a bit of trouble with bars today and I saw a flash of how easily it could slip from her fingers in quais.  I hope she makes it.  She rocks
I also saw the Dutch girls working floor.  Suzanna Harmes looked really, really tired and was kind of napping through her routine.    But knowing Harmes, she will pull it right back out when the time comes to perform.  I don’t really know who else I was looking at so I left them to it.

The  crazy thing that happened was that for ages I have been thinking how truly cool the theme music  to Six Feet Under would be as a piece of floor music.  It would suit a quirky gymnasts with a bit of avante garde choreography. Then, what do you know, I was watching the Spanish do bats (two really really pretty bar workers in that team-no idea who they are) and I hear the opening bars to the music!  So I RUN down the length of the training hall passage looking for the source and what do you know some Dutch girl is performing a bland as all get out routine to MY AMAZING FLOOR MUSIC!  I was quite cross!
So please, some gymnast do a really cool routine to it for me willya?!

Julie Croket

On a side note, I watched the Belgians train floor.  They have really nice floor routines.  Well choreographed too.  The obvious highlight is Julie Croket, who is gunning for a spot in the floor finals tomorrow!
Okay, that is quite the rant from me.  Good night!  There are 12 hours of  qualifications tomorrow so I need to be doing some sleeping right about now!!!


  1. Zhang Yufei had a wonderful FX to "Six Feet Under" back in 2005. Check it out on Youtube!

  2. Imogen Cairns is competing at worlds Danusia Francis is now the reserve due to recent illness and not being back to full fitness so would only be useful on beam I'm gutted for Danusia she has such bad luck

  3. Wouhouuuuu !!!
    Belgians!! :D