Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Well, t'was a comedy of errors and the worse beam rotation Australia has ever produced to start, but we did it!  Another Commonwealth Games team Final gold.  Go ladies!  Special commendation to Lozza Mitchell for coming back on floor (thought Ten didn't deign to show it) after falling from beam, Emily Little for a beautifully executed vault vault, and to Georgia Wheeler for pulling out a good solid bar routine when needed AND keeping her hair in a bun! Go Girls!!

For more comprehensive coverage of what went on, head over to The Australian Gymnastics Blog...


  1. Congrats Aussies, you were in a class of your own despite the bad luck on beam. Fantastic mental toughness to come out of that first rotation and win the gold.

    While watching the only rotation Ten found it in their heart to let us see (my theory is that they ran out of stuff to say about the swimming and had to *gasp* show another sport), I spotted a lovely gymnast named Heem Wei Lim from Singapore. She seemed to have the poise and body tension of a world-class gymnast, although she definitely needs to work on her tumbling. I watched her floor routine and saw an up-and-comer. There was nothing too difficult but what she did, she did well. Do you know much about her, Couchy? She may be one to watch!

  2. I saw Heem Wei Lim at Pac Rims this year. Yes, the Singapore girls are lovely, although they must work on difficulty. They present beautifully. The same goes for the girls from Malaysia- a Ukrainian coach sure helps with that!

  3. Yay for Georgia Wheeler for a solid bar routine and yay for her hair staying in.

    Perhaps a facebook page in recognition of her hair's performance might be in order?