Wednesday, October 6, 2010


So, Australia came back from some shaky performances last night to take the top three spots in the Commonwealth Games All-around.  It went a little something like this;

1. Lauren Mitchell
2. Emily Little
3. Georgia Bonora

I am very pleased for Lauren Mitchell, and so happy to see her back.  But of course she should have won.  She has the biggest skills, the most experience and enough consistency (as a general rule).  She will, however, have to do that beam set with a lot more amplitude in Rotterdam if she wants to medal again.  But she did exactly what she needed to do and good on her.

So, while I am truly happy for Lozza, it is Emily Little I am so utterly proud of.  The sixteen-year-old didn't put a foot wrong.  From a beautiful DTY all the way through to a well-performed floor exercise.  She didn't even look like she knew what nerves were, let along entertained a notion of feeling them.  She was terrific.

On that note, I have to say I am also really proud of Georgia Bonora for holding it together so well.  Her beam was shaky and her floor is simple, but she performed beautifully, and she has the right regal air that befits her style of gymnastics.  After Lauren, she is probably feeling the most pressure, considering she is National Champion and team senior.  in fact, when i interviewed her recently, she told me as much.  That she felt like she had to do as well as she'd demonstrated she could be earlier this year.  Well, she kicked it in!

If they all come out of this week uninjured and not tired, it may be some terrific practice for Rotterdam.

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