Sunday, October 17, 2010


Team USA were pretty damn great just now.

Surprise:  Bridget Sloan  nailing everything, but messing her floor landings.  No good.

Duh:  Alicia's vaults.  Fantastic as expected. I will be seriiously p'ed off if a Russian wins vault just because they have a messy Amanar.  I will not be happy at all.  Her vaults are not just dynamic and huge, they are truly beautiful too!

Tragedy:  Mattie Larson missing her double layout and not making floor finals.  So, so so sad about that.

Nerve-wracking: Rebecca Bross taking a weird mis-step on beam, like she was going to headcase it, but then coming back strong as an ox.  This competes with Aly Raisman's Patterson, which was scary, but ended up almost stuck.

Deceptive:  that goes to Mattie larson's vault, which looked for a second, when she left the vault like it was all going to go pear-shaped and then ended up being exquisite!

Hilarious:  Bridget Sloan giving Macko a side butt massage after she started getting some strange crampy pain after beam! They were laughing A LOT.

Sad: Chelsea davis in the stands.  Nobody puts Chelsea in the stands.  I spoke to her, she is still not sure when she will be back in the game until she sees the doctor tomorrow.

They were great, but they can do better.  If Larson and Sloan hit floor, their score will go up.  It is gonna be a fun Team competition- that is all I can say!


  1. Hi, who is doing what on the US team in the team final? Why is B. Sloan only doing bars and floor?

    Thank you!

    Best, from Norway:-)

  2. Bross and Raisman in the AA.

    Sacramone made vault final.
    Bross and Sloan made bars final.
    Bross and Sacramone made beam final.
    Raisman made floor final.

  3. There is something seriously wrong with the code if Raisman made the floor final. I would like to think that if Mattie didn't fall she would be there instead of Raisman..but I don't think Mattie would have even made the finals had she not fallen. UGH!