Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yang Yilin- Xinhua
There are some interesting competitions coming up over the next few weeks.  We have the German National Championships- incredibly important in the lead-up to Worlds.  Have have the Romanian Nationals- ditto.
But before this we have the Ghent World Cup, one of the good world cup events, held in Belgium.

The lists of participants for Ghent includes some real stand outs.

We already know about the Romanian group, where the return of Izbasa is eagerly anticipated;

Sandra izbasa
Amelia Racea
Ana Porgras

We also have some other entrants to get excited about;

Yang Yilin- still trying to find her way back
Wu Liufang- a multi-world cup medallist this year alone
Ariella Kaeslin- who has been dealing with some sort of prolonged illness for the past couple of months.
Cheong See Teng- who just missed out on a floor medal at the Pac Rims earlier this year.
Jessica Gil Ortiz- fresh off a vault bronze at Pan Ams
Dorina Bozcogo- Hungarian National Champion



  1. Ghent is in Belgium, not Holland. :-)

  2. I'm going! My first gymnastics competition, so excited!