Thursday, September 9, 2010


Mattie Larson
(vanessa Steck

One of the things that struck me straight away in Vanessa Steck's coverage of the US Nationals, was how insightful and thoughtful Mattie Larson was about her body and injury.  I guess being knocked out with a long-term injury just when you are peaking teaches you just that- to be careful- and to appreciate when your body is well.  Read the rest HERE

When I asked her if it is a hard sacrifice to make, putting her body through this, she got quiet for a second before saying that  “it is kind of is a hard sacrifice…its 24 hours a day, and whenever you feel something you have to be wary.” She is smart, this girl, telling me that “its such a thin line between pushing through pain and holding back, and when you get to a certain level of gymnastics you learn that and I feel like I’m learning that now.” She’s excited about competing with Zam at UCLA!
Injury wise, she added, she hates taping and her goal is to be “tape free” because having tape  “enforces the fact that you’re injured”…therefore while taping she tells her body “I’m not taping!” 

By the way, pure curiosity-what is Mattie's full name- or is she just Mattie?