Sunday, September 19, 2010


Remember when Patrascu was as little as Haidu!?

The Romanian had their event finals.  Here is what happened;

1. Sandra Izbasa
2. Raluca Haidu
3. Cerasela Patrascu

The big question here is, where on earth is Diana Chelaru? She should be taking vault here- or at least placing.  I hope she isn't getting inconsistent all over again.  She seemed to improve hugely this last year- year-and-a-half....
It is wonderful to see Ceresela Patrascu in here and Raluca Haidu.  Haidu is still running a risk of not being taken to Rotterdam the way she is going, unfortunately.  I wonder if it is all nerves?  Or is she still injured?

1. Amelia Racea
2.Cerasela Patrascu
3.Dana Andrei

Apparently Ana Porgras fell twice, which explains why she isn't in here. According to FanGymnastics she told the TV crew;
I’m glad I managed to overcome the mistakes from the uneven bars: just one moment in which I didn’t pay enough attention made me miss the  whole routine. But we have to go on. 
 Again, Cerasela Patrascu showing why she could be a valuable World Team member. Here is her bars- although it is from the AA- as I haven't found one yet of EFs.


1. Ana Porgras
2. Sandra Izbasa
3. Gabi Dragoi

Of course, here the stand out but of gladness is about Gabi Dragoi showing she still has 'it' on beam- if 'it' is a calm, even, a relatively mistake-free exercise.  Is it enough?  I have no idea. Here is her beam set;


She looked quite good until her dismount, where her legs went all Bruin. She also paused for an inordinately long time.

1. Sandra izbasa
2. Ana Porgras
3. Diana Chelaru

Izbasa takes it.  Now we truly know that Izbasa is back and ready, placing on every event she entered.  That's how we like to see it.  Glad to see Chelaru redeem herself here too.


  1. Chelaru pulled a Kramarenko on her second vault.

  2. Although apparently Haidu is back to trowing her DTY, which brings her value way up. But her tumbling looked sluggish. She's throwing her triple full again but not making it around. Hopefully if she focuses on her floor and vault (especially her floor) she'll make the team. I'd really love to see her beam routine at Worlds, as I think it's the most interesting contending routine in the world right now choreography-wise, but she's so inconsistent with it that it seems doubtful.