Friday, September 3, 2010


Kyla Ross (pic: Lauren Hopkins)

Well, the US Team has cleaned up in Guadalajara Pan Am Championships-leading Canada by a huge gap thus far.  There are still teams to compete, including Mexico and Venezuela.

USA 232.030
Canada 213. 463
Brazil 212.994

The lead by the US does not surprise, but the tussle between Canada and Brazil might make things interesting in the future.

The AA of the team competition went a little something like this;

Kyla Ross 57.998
Sabrina Vega 57.663
Gabrielle Douglas 55.833

Though there are more girls to compete yet, it is unlikely there is a gymnast that could penetrate this AA triad.  Event finals are on Sunday.



  1. I'm shocked that Canada beat Brazil (don't get offended - I'm Canadian, I can say these things). Do you know if Barbosa was on the team, and if not, why not? She was looking strong last I saw of her.

  2. Just wondered why Ohashi wasnt selected?!?! xx

  3. only girls with 1995 and 1996 birthdays could go

  4. I've been wondering: Why does the US send only juniors to Pan Ams while everyone else sends (at least some) seniors? In other words, whose rule is it that only girls with 1995 and 1996 birthdays could go?