Monday, September 6, 2010


Valentyna Holenkova

By the way, the Ukrainian National Championships are on at the moment, and are being dominated by several of the old guard- the same gymnasts we have been seeing on the Ukrainian scene for a few years now.  Gymnasts like Koval, Holenkova and Demyanchuk have being doing what they can, despite a far less than ideal financial and training situation to keep the nation's head above water in international competition.  This will be hugely important this year if Ukraine want to field a team to 2012 Olympics, particularly considering the improvements made by so many European and Central/South American nations.  let's not forget that Canada should be back in the mix too.

Natalia Kononenko is out with a knee injury.

Anyway, the all around competition results went like this;

1. Valentyna Holenkova
2. Anastasia Koval
3. Angelina Kislaya

Day 2 of event finals went like this;

1. Angelina Kislaya
2. Alina Fomenko
3. Valentina Holenkova

1. Yana Demyanchuk
2. Anastasia Koval
3.  Yevgeniya Cherniy

I have not heard much of Angelina Kislaya, and the only vaulting videos I have seen of her, she is doing basic vaults like a laid out Yurchenko and a front pike, so perhaps she has improved.  Yevgenia Cherniy I believe is a new senior.  She has competed at both the Nadia Comaneci International and the WOGA Classic and has some typically lovely Ukrainian lines on bars.  Not too much difficulty though. Here she is;


According to CodeRoyal at IG, the Worlds training squad will be determined after this.

I miss Irina Krasnianska.


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  1. Angelina Khislaya was at the 2010 Nadia Comaneci meet and I think there are videos on gymnastike.

    Yevheniya Cherniy, Natalia Kononenko, and Yana Demyanchuk were all at 2009 WOGA Classic and Nadia Comaneci meets.

    Angelina seemed to be a taller gymnast so I'm not really surprised she is a good vaulter. Sad that Natalia missed the meet, I love her bars!