Wednesday, September 22, 2010


"Hey Tweds, I heard Jenni Pinches has decided to retire and
become a go go dancer.  How does her mother feel
about it?"

The English gymnastics press seem not to have heard of any other gymnast other than Beth Tweddle.  So, according to an article in Sporting Life, she, who is not even on the Commonwealth Games team, isn't worried about all the bad press about the Delhi situation!

She said: "As an individual, it's really disappointing that I'm not going to the Commonwealth Games but it's great we've got the strength to be able to send teams to both competitions.
"I know the girls are still 100% focused on going and they're really excited about it. I don't think they have seen a lot of what's been on the news and they have just got their kit so they're so excited.
"At the end of the day you have to trust the Team England management and they're not going to send athletes somewhere unless they're confident it's safe and the facilities are adequate.
"Before every Olympic Games there's always threats and security risks wherever it is."
Poor Beth.  If Marissa King sprains an ankle, they'll probably ring Beth to ask how she is!  Glad to hear the girls are off to India, though, and not freaking out.

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