Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The Romanian Worlds Team has been announced.....!

Sandra Izbasa
Ana Porgras
Dianan Chelaru
Raluca Haidu
Ceresela Patrascu
Gabriela Dragoi
Amelia Racea

Yay for Little Pitic for making it.  She was looking a little shaky there.
So too is it good news for Patrascu and Dragoi who have made wonderful comeback.  My money is on Patrascu for quals and Dragoi as a reserve.  Patrascu has bars and has been doing better than Gabi on beam.  That said, they still have one more meet to knock out of the way first.  Pitic still might have to prove herself too....
It has been said, in Prosport that changes may be made, depending on performance at the tri-meet.


  1. Wow...Racea sneaked in there too. She'd been a little shaky as well. Overall, though, not really surprised by anyone on (or off) the team.

  2. I don't think Racea would have ever been left off this team. She too valuable for bars and beam- whatever happened last week. Haidu has been far shakier. I do wonder if it would be better to have sent her to this tri-meet to let her get over that beam mishap in a smaller comp.

  3. Hurrah for li'l Pitic and Racea indeed - but if not these seven, who else does Romania have?

  4. Romania has another two gymnasts who are eligible for the Worlds: Daniela Andrei and Diana Trenca which don't have so great difficulty but Diana especially is very consistent and Daniela has a nice floor and uneven bars routines.