Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ana Maria Izurieta is a gymnast who seems to keep getting better and better.  Izurieta first made herself known at the 2009 Milan European gymnastics Championships as a hope for Spain's  future.  After a quiet period she returned to win the Joaquim Blume Memorial Cup earlier this year over some fairly strong all-around gymnasts like Diana Chelaru, Becky Downie and Jessica Lopez.

Now she has really proved herself in Waalwijk this weekend, taking a decisive lead on beam over Russian beam standouts Mustafina and Semenova.  She also earned a 14.300 on floor and a 13.800 on bars.  it is fantastic to see her continue to improve so much.
Here is her floor routine.  Despite the iffy chorey, her tumbling is amazing and she has some of the highest whipbacks in the business! She also leaps and turns very well. I haven't seen a video of her beam set yet.


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  1. Izurieta is really a great gymnast.It's a pity we couldn't see har last year at Worlds AA finals due to a sudden injury.
    There are also other interesting gymnasts in the Spanish team. Cintia Rodríguez is a very elegant gymnast. Her ub routine lacks a little difficulty and there are some things to polish, but she shows great lines and flow.