Monday, September 27, 2010


Wow.  The All-Around Gymnastics News just announced that Greece has named its Worlds Team, and who is still on it?  Stefani Bismpikou! That gorgeous little dred-locked beam worker is back for some more!
I though she was gone for good!

Well, now I am definitely happy I spent all those years learning to spell her name.  I thought now it was just all about trying to remember how many and where to put the 'L's in Vasiliki Milousi's name!!!

Okay, this is a rough Babelfish translation (as Google Chrome seems to have stopped making kind offers to translate everything) of what someone high up had to say about Stefani's return;

“The last months Stefani has made enormous effort in order to it comes back and it anticipates world. In the fight of adjustment that we gave passed Friday, in the frame of our preparation in Thessalonica, very her good appearance was the most pleasant fact. We would want it existed additional months front us, so that it reaches in the ideal level of readiness. Always, however, it is a athlete capable for better and her help she will be precious for the team”.
This is great news for Stefani and for Greece, who need some seniors to lead them. Over the years Stefani has won several World Cup medals and was Greece's first Europeans Gymnastics Championships medalist, when she took bronze on beam- her pet event- in 2007 at home.
Here is her performance; She was a very light and pretty beam worker.


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