Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Sandra (via Mediafax)

Prosport has interviewed Sandra Izbasa briefly after Ghent.  Basically Sandra says this is a new beginning, that she didn't expect to win, that Belu, who accompanied them , gave them guidance and helped them deal with their nerves.  The floor routine will remain mostly unchanged for worlds, but she hopes it will improve with repetitions.
She will compete floor, beam and vault at Nationals.
It seems to me that Belu is getting them all to do as many events as possible at nationals so he can truly get a good picture of what they are all capable of anywhere they are competitive.
I watched Sandra's EF floor performance, as I had only seen the qualification routine.  Hmm, in some ways I don't mind that floor routine- it has a maturity to it that suits Sandra.  But it is quite stilted and jerky at times.  Sandra is similar to Beth, in that she does her tumbles well, hits her leaps and turns well, but doesn't perform her routine. It's not really their fault- they are not dancers- nor have they been trained to be.  But even though I will always be impressed by what they can do, I will always wish it looked different.  It will be interesting to see what judges think at Worlds.  I think her 2008 routine had more charm.
But the main issue, as ever, is the choreography.  Until they retire their choreographer they will be stuck in this broken record kind of choreography.

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