Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The comeback of Lauren Mitchell.

To win a major medal on beam was always a possibility for Mitchell.  She possesses a natural talent for the apparatus.  The fact that it was a silver and that  it happened at a World Championships was just magical.  To win another on floor?  Well, it felt like Christmas when Mitchell was rewarded for her clean execution, interesting choreography and difficult tumbling with yet another podium spot.

As an Australian, I know just how much Lauren Mitchell's two silver medals were worth for her, and for gymnastics in Australia.  For Lauren, of course, it is the deep sense of personal gratification and happiness.  For Gymnastics Australia, it is proof that we can produce world class gymnasts, despite a troubled, injured four or five years.
For little Australians, it is inspiration to do the sport, and to become great at it.

It is truly sad that we have barely laid eyes on Lozza since London last year.  A couple of injuries have halted her training and put her out of the Pacific Rim International earlier this year.  In this sense we have no idea how she is or where she is in her gymnastics.

According to her team mate, Georgia Bonora, she is always the hard worker in the gym, serious when seriousness is due.  If anyone can come back from a rough year, it is Lauren Mitchell.

Perhaps the competition is much steeper this year, and perhaps Lauren may not be a prepared as she was last year, but a great return performance from her is on my wish list for this year.  Just to see her out there will be enough!


  1. There's a video from trials at the Aus Gym Blog. It shows Lauren doing a full in and double arabian+stag plus her stuck beam dismount. She also did a DTY. I think she's back to last year's difficulty. At the end of last year she said she intended to upgrade her UB this year and also add in a few upgrades on BB FX. Her injuries may have prevented that though. I o know that she intends to upgrade her double cossack spin on floor to a triple. Whether she has yet remains to be seen.

  2. Hope Lauren gets out there and has a good run- so glad she is on the team - I was worried she might miss worlds given all the injuries she's had this year... with or without medals as you said to see her out there will be enough. Good luck Lauren!!!

  3. I would LOVE to see Lauren on multiple podiums this year! She is fantastic!