Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"Again!? Merde!"

The All-Around Gymnastics News has just reported that Youna Dufournet will not be attending worlds due to yet another injury!  GoshDarnIt!  I love me some Youna.  She has had some terrifically rotten luck.

According to a (translated) article in New Republic, Youna has not had sufficient time to repair and prepare from her knee surgery.

"Five weeks to prepare for a world championship is just too much, said Marc Chirilcenco coach to USEAB. There is no question of forcing things. It must resume quietly. " Disappointed, Youna Dufournet can only be, but as his coach says, "at his level, it is difficult to arrive at a world championship when you're not in shape".
Youna Dufournet was therefore inclined to the evidence. She will now have time to recover quietly during its preparation."
Youna will now look forward toward Euros next year.  Poor Youna.

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