Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's that time of the year again.  I go to sleep at a relatively normal (Australian time).  I wake up.  I get to my office and get on the Internet and a world of gymnastics news has arisen in those awake parts of the world.
So, here's a summary;

Sandra Izbasa- Prosport

Prosport reports on the upcoming tri-meet between Germany, Switzerland and Romania this weekend.  The WAG team and has been named, the obvious exception being Amelia Racea.

Sandra Izbasa, Ana Porgras Diana Chelaru, Gabriela Dragoi, Haidu and Cerasela Raluca Patrascu. Coach: Octavian Belu, Lucian Sandu Liliana Cosma, Marius Vintila.
This probably isn't anything to worry about- but merely a rest for Amelia, or perhaps it is thought that she is needed back in the gym working more?  As Bea over at Gymnastics No Ceiling noted, she is staying back with Mariana Bitang- that probably just equals more balance beam practice!

I truly do hope Romania can get two girls into beam EFs.  Then, if the Russians take the team gold, it will be like a giant big gymnastics flashback!

In Canadian News;

Peng Peng Lee

On the Canadian front, Gymn.ca, the precious resource for all things Canadian  in gymnastics;
Peng Peng Lee may be back!  I was beginning to think this little wunderkind was never coming back!  Doubtless she won't be the same tiny trickster we remember, but it is a delightful piece of news that we can welcome her back

Christine Lee is aiming for a berth on the 2011 World Championships team, coach Kelly Manjak revealed in today's CBC broadcast from Oakville Gymnastics. 
Lee previously trained at the now-closed Sport Seneca, and under their guidance competed for Canada at the 2007 Pan Am Games (3rd T, 5th AA, 8th BB, 4th FX). A back injury kept her out of competition for approximately two years, whereupon she resumed gymnastics at Oakville Gymnastics. 
We should be seeing her back next year, according to Gymnastic Coaching.

In USA Gymnastics musings.....
Chelsea and Kim- Dallas News

I haven't even spoken much about the US training camp, mainly because I don't have time to trawl for gossip. But I did hear that Chelsea Davis did very well while there.  Chelsea is one gymnasts I have always really, really liked and I would be so excited to see her on this team.  I first really noticed her when Gymnastike did an interview with her a Texas Dreams not long after Gymnastike first started up.  I thought Chelsea was funny and a far more interesting interview subject than most kids her age, which helped her cause for me no end.  She has also had a really rough run the last couple of years (duh) and I intensely admire the way she has return, and how innovative they have been to design routines around her back problems.

I am trying not to get too excited though, as I know she doesn't score excessively highly in anything.  I am truly hoping, however, that her wonderful execution counts for something......but I know it's an outside shot.

In Brazilian news....

Bruna Leal

Blythe over at The Gymnastics Examiner has mentioned the names of the Brazilian Worlds team. They are;

Jade Barbosa, Daniele Hypolito, Bruna Leal, Priscilla Cobello, Ethiene Franco, Adrianand Gabriela Gomes Soares.
 This has to be one of the longest-lived gymnastics team around!  It feels like most of these girls have been around for ages!

In Commonwealth Games news....

Imogen Cairns

The Deccan Chronicle this week reported that gymnastics is considered the most glamorous sport in the Commonwealth Games.... after swimming.  Hmm.
On a more interesting note, it also spoke a little about how Australia is trying to top Canada this year in their overall medal lead of two medals.  Gymnastics is one of the places where this can be achieved, as there are a lot of medals at stake.  Another team to watch out for, of course is Great Britian.  The artilce also mention the return of Great Britain's Imogen Cairns;

Britain’s Imogen Cairns, who will be defending her vault title, is making a remarkable comeback from a severe foot injury. Cairns was injured soon after her Olympics debut in Beijing two years ago, when she damaged her limbs during a floor exercise.
Cairns, who won gold and silver at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games, has had two operations followed by six months on crutches and only returned to impact training at the turn of the year having suffered injury in her first competition after the Olympics. However, she seems to be fit and raring to go as she joins 10 artistic and three rhythmic gymnasts in Delhi next month.

 This all, of course, depends on whether Delhi can get it together for the Games.  The village is apparently in a bad state, a footbridge has fallen, hurting many workers and some of the venues are said to not have been cleared for safety.  Let's hope there is a competition at all!


  1. I'm increasingly expecting the Commonwealth Games to be cancelled. Which would be a terrible pity for those who have been selected to represent their countries, but better for safety, I think.

  2. Posted about the CWG today also - really hope they get things together over there in time!

  3. England. Great Britain sends more than one team. Cairns is English. Here's hoping (providing they get there looking at how everything is falling apart) that they'll kick commonwealth butt.

  4. I hope Chelsea Davis makes the world team as well.