Tuesday, September 14, 2010


"Hi Mom!  No, camp is really fun! We play ALL day and Marta
let's us have ice cream and
cookies and campfires every night!
Bela tells the BEST scary stories about
his gym in Romania!!

The US girls are in the FIRST OF TWO selection/verification camps in what is always a breathtaking and seemingly agonising selection process by the US powers-that-be.  More opportunities for redemption, for gymnasts like Sloan and Raisman, but more opportunities for breakages from potentially fragile gymnasts like Shapiro and Davis.
It is hard to see why these camps need to happen and so close together.  I know many nations have several training camps at the top of the season, but after two National competitions like Classics and Nationals (also held very close together)?  It is somewhat hard to fathom why it is necessary.
Alicia Sacramone sums it up on Twitter....

"Just landed in Houston- 9 workouts until freedom"

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  1. Will there be an all-around gymnast at worlds that can rival Bross or will we have to see a graceless gymnast with poor form take home the all-around gold?