Monday, September 27, 2010


Back in the day when the press could talk to them!

It seems security is mighty tight in Delhi!
According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the Aussie gymnastics girls didn't get any kind of meet and greet with the media, as planned and expected!

With officials aiming to tighten security as Sunday's opening ceremony approaches, Australia's gymnastics team was strangely denied a chance to speak to the press after touching down at Delhi's Indira Gandhi airport late on Monday.
Despite having waited almost three hours for a delayed flight to speak to gold medal hope Lauren Mitchell, Australian media people were told by police shortly before the arrival they would not be able to ask any questions.

"You will not speak to them, you will never speak to them," one inspector told bemused reporters.

Despite the protests of Australian officials, the gymnasts were ordered straight to their waiting bus and were allowed only to wave and smile at the cameras. 
Apparently it's not just the gymnasts, but all the athletes who are being kept under wraps. But boo.  I wanted to know who slept through the whole trip and who kept asking for more peanuts! 

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  1. It's mostly frustrating for the media because yesterday, at around the very same time on the same spot, they were able to interview the Aussie lawn bowls team as they arrived, without any problems. An ACGA media member basically blasted security for their sudden about-face (and you can see footage of it on Fox Sports News).

    I just hope there's some big-arse press conference in an indoor venue to compensate!