Saturday, September 25, 2010


Ana Porgras- Prosport

Romania has won the the friendly meet against Germany and Switzerland -by a US-like country mile!

The team scores were,

Romania 229.550
Germany 214.400
Switzerland 210.300

The gap between Germany and Romania is not all that surprising, considering that the German situation is pretty dire at the moment.  Despite the talented Elisabeth Seitz, and the ever-inspiring presence of Oksana Chusovitina on their Worlds team, the German team has little depth and not much difficulty to boast at the moment, unfortunately.  It is hard to say if it is due to the injuries (Bui and Hindermann are two- and Pia Tolle also wasn't taken because of elbow issues) or if the German team needs some re-hauling at the moment.
The German girls had a terrible bars rotation, apparently, but did decent beam.  Elisabeth seitz rocked her new DTY on vault.
Here is how they fared in the AA;

6. Elisabeth Seitz 54.30 points
7. Lisa-Katharina Hill 53.25 points
8. Giulia Hindermann 51.60 points
11. Joeline Möbius 50.65 points
12. Meike Fernbach 50.15 points
16. Oksana Chusovitina 29.20 points

In Romanian news, little Miss Pitic managed to redeem herself by placing second in the AA behind Porgy.

Ana Porgras 58.200
Raluca Haidu 57.400
Diana Chelaru 57.05

Now it is looking like Diana Chelaru is lapsing a little.  She was looking so impressive for a while there.
Octavian Belu said this to the Romanian Gymnastics Federation;

"It was a friendly competition, then we can not draw many conclusions yet. However, I noticed that girls have won the Chapters ability and scale, and I refer especially to Ana Porgras, Diana Chelaru and Sandra Izbasa. At the same time, it was found that, although there have been failures, things are still rosy. Obviously, in terms of competition here - for example, the mass was less jumping performance - mistakes are excusable, but we have to take into account that the arbitration code standards are rigorous and very high everywhere. It should be borne in mind that those errors have been related to the smoothness of execution: position angle of the body and others.However, the notes here may be a milestone, but not significant. Important is also that the girls have finished the competition in perfect health condition, and that generally we are more clear on where they can do something. In conclusion, we took part in a competitive manner, which will give us some benchmarks, but in our view, we know very well t

Ariella Kaeslin was, as usual, the top of the Swiss, taking fourth place.  Kaeslin is still, apparently battling her 'mystery illness' which I believe hasn't yet been diagnosed.


  1. I thought Kaeslin had a virus. It could be something like glandular fever/ infectious mononucleus. I have that right now and suffer from what this virus does - taking away my strength and making me feel tired all the time.