Wednesday, September 29, 2010


It's called where's Nicolae?

I know!  I know !  Ooh pick me!  Yes!  Me!  I know!
Apparently some rather  lovely Italian folk have offered Nicolae Forminte a casual job in Italy- in Cesena.  This is not, however, a permanent move it seems, from the rather dodgy (as usual) translation.  Rather, he continues work in Constanta and will accompany it by commuting and working in Italy as well when asked. From the sounds of it, the work involve selecting young students.

"I have a business advice coaches from all clubs in the region of Emilia Romagna. Whenever I go there I will ask will be a regular shift, I will not stay there," he said. Moreover, it will run in parallel and activity Farul Constanţa Sports Club coach.

""I will start again in Constanta with the selection of kindergartens, schools, preparation, there are things we've done so many times," he explains. This is the second international experience technician in Constanta, which ten years ago has led to a period of three months in Bangladesh.

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