Monday, September 6, 2010


Baby Komova-Could you be more prophetic!!!
(Komsomolskaya Pravda)

A Russian newspaper has published an interesting and rather gorgeous article about Viktoria Komova (via Viktoria Komova Online). It interviews Vika, her mother, Vera Kolesnikova and describes her early life, her training schedule and gives a little insight into the kid.

In the article Vera Kolesnikova, her mother, takes great pains to illustrate that Vika has been very adamant in choosing her path in the sport and that they had little choice but to pander to their daughter's incredible drive to do gymnastics and seemingly greater desire to win.  After spending time in the gym with her mother as a child it seems Vika would not, could not leave.

Vika also describes how upset she was at earning THAT bronze medal at the YOGs after such a successful run in the AAs and first day of EFs.  As Vera states, and Vika reiterates, winning is everything for this little girl.  There is certainly something of the prodigy about her.  I sincerely wonder what her future will be.

Vika and her family
(Komsolskaya Pravda)

The article announces that Vika is being touted as the next 'Khorkina', tapping into the nostalgic glory surrounding the popular cultural memory of Russia's most recent gymnastics heroine.  This, I find a bit of a stretch.  Certainly, the fierce desire to win is reminiscent of Khorkina, but the personalities do not match thus far.  We have seen little of the diva, of the unique, melodramatic and not-camera-shy Khorkina in Komova's competition behavior.  Of course I personally would welcome some fierce diva antics in gymnastics just about anywhere, and Vika is free to go that way if she chooses as far as I concerned, but I certainly haven't seen a shred of it yet.  Besides, I think she at least needs to hit puberty to pull diva off!

I don't really think they can be likened in a gymnastics sense either.  Khorky was leggy, messy, exciting and very very creative.  Komova, to me, is more of a Laschenova or Bross with greater bodily genetic blessings and more rigorous training at the barre.  Komova is fierce, unexpected athletic talent contained in a typical gymnastics body.  Khorkina didn't fit. Komova does.  

The one thing I sincerely hope they have in common?  I hope Komova lasts a long time!

To me there is something about the combination of her blithe airs, her cheerful diligence, her pale stubbornly childlike face and her extraordinary drive that reminds me more of Nadia Comaneci so far.



  1. those are very cute pics, I really really hope she continues to do well as she becomes a senior and wishes her nothing but the best in 2012 and maybe even 2016!!

    I am really really looking forward to the Russians' resurgence in artistic gymnastics!

  2. Hellow!
    I like Komova, I think can be great ......... but do not you think that with all this, interviews, visits to the presidential palace so he's getting into a pressure that she can not and must endure?
    This girl is that a child who still has the hardest in the gym......... STORED.
    I am the first who wants to succeed, but he still had a lot, I understand the illusion that the Russians have with it but I think this hurts him both her and the Russian team.
    Couch gymnast you think?

  3. I see what you mean- hype is not necessarily a good thing. Expectations will get too big on her. i do agree.