Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Lopez (Photo: UK Mirror)

Jessica Lopez is another one of those 'ageing' gymnasts who is improving all the time. Although done with her college career, competing for Denver, Jessica is still going strong with the elite career she maintained throughout her college years
Lopez and her coach, Nilson Savage had great hopes for her to make the AA finals, and perhaps an EF final or two at the London Worlds, but a rough qualification put paid to that ambition. She and Nilson had worked really, really hard to improve her weak points, such as spinal flexibility and beam in general and it really showed, despite mistakes.
That has not stopped Lopez from taking even greater steps to improve on strength, form and even her difficulty.  A Salto Cafe video put up on Youtube last week shows that Jessica and Savage are anything but done with making her an even better gymnast.  Her bar routine, where she swings and moves astonishingly quickly, pirouettes cleanly and will be thoroughly impressive if she can hit her skills.  She is even working on a Shushunova release.


Nilson Savage has said, according to the video description that they aiming for Jessica to break into the top ten in the world with her growing difficulty.  Whether this is possible, I don't know.  I hope so. There is absolutely no harm in aiming as high as you can, is there?

Jessica Lopez is currently at Pan Ams in Guadalajara where we might see how some of the upgrades are paying off!  Good Luck!



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  1. Thank you for posting this!! Jessica is one of my favorite gymnasts and I love seeing that she is still improving. I love that you follow her and appreciate her for the amazing gymnast that she is! =)