Saturday, September 4, 2010


Dorina Boczogo

Hungarian gymnast Dorina Boczogo has just won the Hungarian National Championships.  Boczogo has been one of Hungary's top gymnast's for a while now.  A great 2007 World Championship competition earned her a place at the Beijing Olympics, where she placed 54th all-around.  She sadly just missed a spot in the vault finals- finishing in twelfth place.  Vault is historically her best event.
Boczogo eighteen and is from Bekescsabai.

Here she is vaulting at last year's Romanian International where she ended up in that unlucky 4th place no less than three times in the event finals!


Congratulations to Dorina!


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  1. so henrietta onodi is really the last "successful" international Hungarian gymnast? ...sigh... what a shame (though i love HO), I wish gymnastics was a bit more diverse, I mean the top 6 teams internationally and the top 10 AA gymnast are usually a given...