Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Katie Heenan

Oh lord, I knew it would happen- I am tempted to get sucked into Fantasy Gymnastics!  College gymnastics is the perfect way to play out a Fantasy League- with it's regular schedule and attendance!  Like I need another way to waste time!

From Folger's Gymnastics

More and more coaches are signing up to coach a Fantasy Gymnastics League team.  Coaches will "recruit" twelve gymnasts from the top 50 college teams.  Each week, they will choose their line up from their twelve girls.  Actual scores from those girls college meets will be used for the fantasy team's score.  As a coach you may have one gymnast from UCLA, one from Penn State, one from Alabama, etc.  Choose girls from your favorite college team or choose gymnasts you know personally.  See how your team does in the national rankings and within your own conference of ten teams.  Win your conference.  Qualify for the regional championships and national championships.

If you wanna play, apparently you go here:  http://www.fantasygymnasticsleague.com


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