Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Corina and Johnathon (photo: Libertatea)

That ever- astonishing rag, Libertatea has reported that Corina Ungureanu just had a very annoying birthday trip.  She  planned on taking a trip to Prague with her boyfriend Jonathon, who is from the Isle of Man to celebrate.  Unfortunately, although Jonathon has previously entered Romania without a visa several times, when they arrived at Vienna airport from Romania, they were turned back because he did not possess one. The whole thing is to do with the Isle of Man's weird place, as it is not officially part of GBR, and therefore not strictly part of the EU.
Corina said she was disgusted, that the whole ordeal cost around 500 euros, and that it was the first time she felt ashamed to be Romanian.
Izvorani probably looks like a barrel of laughs now...


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