Friday, September 3, 2010


Jenni Pinches

As expected- GBR gymnastics has announced a different team of women to attend the World Championships. According to the All-Around Gymnastics News, here they are:

Beth Tweddle
Rebecca Downie
Danusia Francis
Nicole Hibbert
Jennifer Pinches
Hannah Whelan

What an incredible team they have here.  As someone asked about the great quality of the Commonwealth Games Team, ostensibly a B Team, "When did we get so deep?"



  1. isnt jenni pinches the one that had a program about her in like 2002? i remember that she was all psyched to be in the same comp as beth tweddle, now she gets to be on the same world team!

  2. of course the British team is deep right now - they are working towards a home olympics, it always inspires a load more girls to stay in the sport and maybe go to the next level when they may not have considered it before. It's definitely great to see a few more countries grow their pools of talent - should make for a very interesting worlds and olympics!!