Thursday, September 2, 2010


(British gym net)

Rick over at Gymnastics Coaching just posted that the British Commonwealth Games Team has been announced.

Marissa King
Imogen Cairns
Laura Edwards
Becky Wing
Jocelyn Hunt

As threatened, they are not sending The Twed over there for fear of Delhi belly.  Rick asks, will any of these girls be going to Worlds?  Methinks probably not.  No Francis, no Whelan, no Downie, no Pinches, no Hibbert, no Rippin.  I thought maybe Imogen Cairns had a chance.......

Anyway, good luck to them- they are a strong team anyway....



  1. That's lame :( that means no Hunt at worlds and she's awesome. still that's a pretty good team considering we aren't sending our best. When did we get deep enough for that?

  2. Definately no cross overs - whelan, pinches, francis, tweddle hibbert and downie should be going to worlds. Niamh rippon is injured.

  3. Hate to nit pick but just gotta point out.... this is the ENGLISH commonwealth games team. There will also be a Scottish, Welsh and Norther Irish team. No British teams at the CWG......

  4. Imogen had a very strong chance to make the worlds team, and I think she's have made it. She has said all along though she wanted to do Commonwealths and stuck to that when the time came.

  5. I think they have made the best choice. During the Switzerland v's GB meet I attended last week they had an A team and a B team. They B team was the Commonwealth team and in all events the A team (Whelan, Downie, Francis, Pinches, Hibbert)
    generally stood out as stronger. I like Hunt on floor though but maybe they need Pinches for vault. I am interested to see how they perform a Worlds.