Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Octavian Belu has been quoted around the place anticipating the upcoming Ghent World Cup.  Belu tells Prosport that the girls he are sending Racea, Chelaru, Izbasa and Porgras need the competition, as three of them have been out with injuries for the better part, and that they are recovered and ready to go.
Thankfully, he says his aim is not for them to whip butt, but to stay uninjured and get the competition juices flowing before Nationals and Worlds.
In true Romanian coach spirit, he also says he care less about what they do at Ghent, or this year, and far, far more about what they do in two years time. Apparently they are all looking good in training, but competition, of course, is something else entirely. These competitions are going to help him to see if the learning they are doing in the gym can translate in competition.
The girls will compete on these events;

Chelaru: Vault and Floor
Racea:  Vault, beam and Bars
Porgras: Bars, beam
Izbasa: Floor

After Ghent, the girls have two more competitions, a tri-meet with Germany and Switzerland, and their Nationals.  The World Team will be decided after these three contests are complete.

In other juicy good Romanian news, Gabi Dragoi and Ceresela Patrascu are training on all four events.



  1. Love Gabi and Cera! I hope we get to see them sometime soon too :D

  2. Maybe it's just me, but the comp. schedule so close to Worlds seems a bit rough --- thinking they may be wiped out by the time Worlds roll around.