Saturday, September 4, 2010


The Age

A wonderful profile of Australian gymnast, Ashleigh Brennan has appeared in today's Age newspaper, talking about what it is like to be an 'old' gymnast.  It gives some interesting insight into Brennan's psychological journey as she pressed on past Beijing into another Olympic cycle.
Here is what her coach said about her;
'After Beijing, she was just mentally tired as well, and she needed that break. I also think that from the point of view of her as a person, Ashleigh needed to gain her own identity outside of gymnastics,'' Penaluna said. ''And that has prolonged her time back in the gym - maybe even until London. I think she's got it in her. Definitely.''
It is really exciting and interesting to see Australian gymnasts like Bonora and Brennan continue with the sport.  I am glad they have decided to stay- they were so young in Beijing, but now they bring a maturity and wealth of experience to the National team.

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